Be seduced by the sizzle in our sauces; the sweet ripeness of our fruit and the wicked, knee-buckling, potency of our rum!

Caribbean food is like no other.  You have the world on your plate with influences from Africa, Latin America, western Europe, India, and the Middle East. We bring island food magic to you with inventive and contemporary twists.

Our Full Feast Catering service offers a unique, memorable and enjoyable gastronomic experience for every client no matter the size of your event.

Don’t settle for the ordinary, obey the call, the flavours of the French Caribbean beckons!

"For good times you need good company and great food. Life is too short for anything less!"

JP - Chef, BBQ king and culinary artist at the helm of Full Feast

We deliver a tailored service in the comfort of your home, in your garden, or at your chosen venue. Sit back, relax and enjoy your day as we cook up a Full Feast!

To complement our menu, inspired by the full-flavoured cuisine of the French Caribbean, we also provide a bespoke drinks service.  Everything from Champagne, cocktails, mocktails, wine to beer is on hand ready to serve to you and your guests.

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