From catering to sauces…

Established in 2014, we started our journey catering for a diverse range of customers across the UK.  

Having fast gained a reputation as the go-to for mouth-watering and tantalising dishes inspired by flavours from the French Caribbean, Full Feast is more than your average catering company!

Jean-Philippe, or JP as we know him, chef, BBQ king and culinary artist, is at the helm of Full Feast.  He has had one mission and that is to bring the taste of Guadeloupe to the world! With this mission, JP took a leap into developing our range of sauces which encapsulates the flavours, spice, and fruitiness of ‘home’.  

We’re proud to offer you a taste of Gwada from our home to yours.

It’s time for a Full Feast! Pour it, rub it, dip it. Let’s get cooking!

Here is where the journey began...

JP was born in the French Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe (Gwada). Raised in a single-parent home with his mother and 6 siblings, JP had a strong desire to help his mother and was often drawn to the kitchen to do so. She taught him the secret of mixing flavours, herbs, and spices.

JP’s passion for food and drink was fostered in that kitchen and by his teenage years, he was preparing meals for his family, independently. He was always the designated chef on adventure trips with friends in his homeland of Guadeloupe. JP soon realised that not only was he skilled at cooking but enjoyed it! His dream to take the sunshine flavours of the Caribbean to the world was born.

His journey towards creating Full Feast led him to kitchens worldwide, honing his craft, acquiring qualifications and skill that combine to make him the talented chef that he is today. JP puts himself in his menus and sauces and that, is the secret to the success of Full Feast.

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